Banth's Journals

A collection of notes.


Banth’s journal has various treatises on engineering mutations and several very useful pieces of information — namely, seven rumors he has come across and a full discussion of the mithral gates of Rappan Athuk. Banth believes that the mithral gates demarcate the final resting place of Akbeth. He discovered that she was transformed to stone by a curse of Asmodeus, but had a magic ring that allowed her to assume the powers of the new form. Banth’s journal also mentions the healing properties of the bee’s honey, which can be found just outside his lair.

#A great oracle can be found beyond a massive cavern. He can tell all to anyone willing to pay his price.

  1. “Rappan Athuk? Bah! No one ever gets out of that place alive!"
  2. There is a monster immune to everything on the first level. It is amorphous, and smells terrible. A wise man flees from it.
  3. A benevolent old wizard lives near the temple of Orcus. He reportedly offers refuge to those who kill the servants of the evil one.
  4. Outlaws sometimes hazard the dangers of the wilderness, seeking refuge from the law. It is said that some have even banded together, to start their own community.
  5. A great library, once the property of the followers of Orcus, lies forgotten in a hidden level. Though it contains works of great evil, it also holds books that could be of great value to sages and adventurers as well.
  6. Prayers to Asmodeus can sometimes be used to defeat guardians sacred to him.

Banth's Journals

Rappan Athuk Garrion